Volunteer Coaches

Small Steps Forward was created to help support children to have opportunities to participate in sport teams, achieve academic success, and to provide a positive and safe environment for emotional growth, regardless of financial status.  Small Steps Forward was inspired by a group of little girls who loved to play soccer, but whose parents could not afford to put them in expensive clubs.  The parents were discouraged to find that most teams in the San Fernando Valley were either all boys or co-ed.  This encouraged them to create a soccer team for just girls.

Small Steps Forward’s volunteers assist with coaching, tutoring, facilitating social events, and being positive role models.   Small Steps Forward is able to purchase equipment, provide financial assistance with league fees, and uniforms, through donations, in an effort to keep the cost minimal for parents so that no child is turned away due to lack of financial resources.  Small Steps Forward also provides opportunities for social networking for children and a safe environment for families to spend quality time together, through sponsored family events.